I went to Tateyaka in Chiba prefecture with my wife to stay the new hotel which is managed by the health insurance union. The hotel was opened just 2 months ago and very clean and stylish. So the hotel has become very popular and it is difficult to make a reservation especially on weekends. Fortunately I found a other person's cancel booking by chance and was able to make a reservation. The hotel was certainly nice with facility, foods and hospitality. The location of the hotel was also nice to visit many sightseeing spots. There are many flower parks and marine parks near there. This time l visited The Tateyama Family Park and The Tateyama Aloha Garden to see some early spring flowers. Tateyama city(館山市) Tateyama city is located at the tip of Boso peninsula and it takes two hours from Yokohama using the highway through under the sea called Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. The place is famous as the rich nature by the influence of a warm sea current called Kuroshio. The place was once a castle town controlled by Satomi family. There are many historical monuments such as Tateyama Castles and temples. The population is about 50,000.
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