On April 6, I took a half paid holiday in the afternoon in order to guide the members of the Todd Wolfe Band. They came to Japan to give their rock concerts. They didn't have concerts on the day. Chris, who is my English teacher, gave me this chance to be a tour guide. I prepared some guide courses and finally chose the shortest two-hour course after consulting Chris. The tour included Tokyo met. Gov. Observation room  and Meiji Shrine. I prepared the contents of this guide using the internet and prior preliminary inspection. Guiding is my first experience and it needed a little bit long time for the preparation. In the morning on that day, Chris mailed me and said "Don't forget! We are a team." This words made me ease. In addition, after meeting with the band members --Todd, Roger and Justine at 2 p.m., I soon understood that they were frank and friendly. So I could completely get relaxed. This guide experience taught me a lot of things. Some of my observations from this guide are follows. 1.Americans are generally cheerful, not hesitant, and sociable compared with Japanese. 2.They often asked me some humorous and  sometimes difficult questions. example: They told me to want meet the Tokyo governor as a joke and said "Where is his room?" ( looking up the building) Why crows and pigeons are few in Meiji Shrine? (Certainly no bird dropping was found.) 3. They asked me to translate the short poems of emperor Meiji and empress Shoken into English.(I was embarrassed because two short poems have very deep meaning, It is even difficult to explain even In Japanese. 4. I felt lack of hearing ability. I sometimes couldn't get the meaning when they speak to each other quickly. 5. If my explanation was not inform to them, I needed to change the other way of sentence. example: Emperor Meiji's poem have deep meaning.It is a kind of " the rule of life". => They didn't understand. so I changed the sentence like this => It is a kind of"secrets of success in life" On the way, we dropped in the coffee shop in the observation floor. And We had a small talk about our family,job, Chris's bicycle accident, commuter fee allowance and tax. "爽快" :Beating drum seems  excited or thrilled. Before good-bye, I was given a T-shirt with the picture of the band group and shook hands with them. This t-shirt became a memorial item of today's  guide experience for me. This experience gave me a boost to continue my English lessons.
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Chris(R) and The Todd wolfe band in front of the Tokyo Met. Government, beside a Cherry tree and the banner showing Tokyo Olympic 2020 Logo T-shirt with a picture of the band. from ( R-L) Todd, Roger and Justine
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