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2016 Garden

Fine Autumn Izu Villa 2016-10-16 We were blessed with fine weather on  this weekend after a long interval. The weekends of recent  monthwere rainy or cloudy due to typhoons.   I got up early and went to Izu villa. On the way, Mt. Fuji  could be seen beautifully.  When I arrived the Villa, I noticed that the weeds were not growing than I expected .  It might be a sign of  the oncoming winter.  But the nuisance weed called “Chidomegusa(血止め草)” or  Water pennywort  was still rampant.  I tried to remove the weed by using  a herbicide (ザイトロンアミン).  Before using this chemical, I needed  to dilute it with water because of preventing from damaging the turf.  I also repaired the bamboo fence  which was destroyed by strong winds. Cosmos (秋桜)2016-09-11 I saw some beautiful cosmos flowers near Izu villa. The flower is an representative flower in Autumn and  originally from Mexico. it is said that the seed was imported to Japan in Edo period.  The flower usually have three colors - pink,red, and white.  The yellow cosmos flowers(pic1)  near Izu Villa might be a wild grow species. 2016-09-11-10-09-182016-09-11-10-41-45            

Gardening in the End of August [ 編集 ]

28th is the last Sunday in August. I went to Izu for gardening and replacing the wash stand. I ordered  the stand from Handy home center. The former stand had been used for about 35 years and the tap didn’t work well. During the replacing work, I maintained the garden especially the flower bed area. Yesterday, I divided the root of the Scenic beauty grass:風致草 in Yokohama garden and planted a divided part of the grass in Izu garden.( Ref. No.4 and No.5 pics.) I also repotted the well growth periwinkles in Yokohama garden and took them to Izu garden  and  also planted them in Izu garden. Some perennial plant Verbena in Izu garden were repotted and brought them to Yokohama in order to take care of the plants to pass the winter.  

Watering and Protecting Against Insects [ 編集 ]

Watering and Protecting Against Insects 1.Watering I started to use time-controlled water supply machine again. I set the time of 8 am and 4 pm to supply water for 5 minutes every day. From this year, I also adapted a divergence water circuit to provide not only the turf with sprinkler but also the flower garden with a special hose which has many tiny holes to provide water. In order to control the distance of water of the sprinkler, the water pressure needed to be tested by the faucet to adjust. 2.Protecting Against Insects Before the gardening, I checked the clothes to protect from insects. But in the morning of the second day of my summer holidays, I forgot to spray a aroma for insect repellents and I was bitten by gnats even if I have worn a net jacket. Certainly the net jacket is not perfect to protect me  because sometimes the net and my skin came into contact with each other, and those were the perfect times for the gnats to bite me.  Since then, I always spray aroma  for insect repellents  to my net jacket.

The Real Summer Has Come [ 編集 ]

The Real Summer Has Come More than 100 points of the Meteorological Agency observation were over 35 degrees Celsius on August 6. This high temperature will continue for several days. In spite of the hot weather, I went to  Izu villa through Seisho seaside by car. The sea was calm and beautiful in the early morning, When I reached the villa at 8 am, the sun was already shining and the temperature was rising. So I mainly maintained the garden area which was shaded by the house or trees. From 10 am to 4 pm, I cleaned the inside of the house and went shopping to a home center in Oohito town named “Handy Home center” and bought many things such as “目土(Metuti)” or top dressing soil for turf and the flower pots of “千日草(Sennichi-sou)” or glove amaranth. I stayed at the villa and watched TV programs in the night related with 71st anniversary of the dropping of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics. The works of gardening were performed only in the early morning  on Aug 6 and 7, and late evening  on Aug. 6  in order to escaping the direct sunlight.

Izu Garden on July 16 [ 編集 ]

I went to Izu for gardening for two days and one night from July 16. After visiting my mother’s care house, I left Yokohama at 9 am and arrived at noon. The road was a little bit crowded than a normal Saturday, because we have three consecutive holidays this weekend ー July 18 is a national holiday called Marine day. Summer vacation for students started and will end at the end of August. This time, I mowed the turf twice, changing the the cut length. The first day I cut the turf at 4 cm height as always. The next day, I cut them to a height of 3 cm. I was surprised that the amount of cut turf on the second day reached 3 plastic bags for 45 liter each. I also cut the branches of  high trees such as beech (ブナ). Although the weather was not good and I could’t see the Mt Fuji, I enjoyed walking near the Izu garden.

Izu Garden on July 2 [ 編集 ]

Izu Garden on July 2 Recently,  a short visit to Izu and maintaining the garden in the pace of 2 weeks interval is getting my chores. The procedures of the gardening also seems to be fixed. At first , I cut brunches for 30 mins. Then pulling weeds by hand and cut weeds by the lawn mower for one hour each. During the season, we have much rain in Japan called Tsuyu(梅雨). Because a rain front stays over the west part of Japan during the mid-June through mid-July period. Because of the rain, the plants grow rapidly. So the the amount of cutting weeds is higher than other seasons.
2016-07-02 10.30.52 2016-07-02 11.13.43
2016-07-02 09.18.06 2016-07-02 09.16.38
pic1 : The capacity for wasted grass of the lawn mower is 70 litters. Three plastic bags for wasted grass was required  to be dumped. pic2(upper right) : Stop-bleeding grass (血止め草)is rampant So it took long time to pick up the leaves. pic3 : Troublesome molehills  –  some mounds of earth made by moles while burrowing. pic4: The beech(ぶなの木)in the right side tree in the picture is growing with many branches and leaves although the tree was cut almost to have no branches in the early spring. ref.  The cycus (ソテツ) in my Yokohama garden was re-potted in erarly May and grows faster. A pineapple-like  shape  flower also can be seen now.
now2016-07-03 11.22.57 in May2016-05-22 14.35.01

Izu Garden on June 18 [ 編集 ]

It was a hot day in Izu and the peak temperature was 32 degree. Today’s gardening was only to  trim some branches and  to cut the glass.  In order to avoid heatstroke, I took  rests frequently and drunk a lot of water. I finished the work at 11:30 am and then went back to my home in Yokohama.
2016-06-18 12.21.12 2016-06-18 12.22.09
2016-06-18 12.22.18 2016-06-18 12.21.36

Izu Garden on June 4 [ 編集 ]

Izu Garden on June 4 Gardening work  from 8am to 1pm was mainly pulling and cutting grass, pruning branches and watering. After substantially 4 hours of gardening , I came back my home in Yokohama at 3pm.  I had something to do after that on the day. 花: バラ(Rose)  ラベンダー(Lavender) みやこわすれ(Gymnaster savatieri) あやめ(Ayame or Iris) バーベナ(Barbera) リナリア(Linaria) さつき (Dwarf azalea)  
2016-06-04 12.32.16 2016-06-04 12.34.50 2016-06-04 12.34.10
2016-06-04 13.03.53 2016-06-04 12.32.48 2016-06-04 13.03.19

Gardening in May [ 編集 ]

Gardening in May Izu garden on May 15 : I stayed only 3 hours and did mainly  pulling weeds and cutting grasses.
2016-05-15 11.50.23 2016-05-15 11.51.34 2016-05-15 11.50.42
Flowerpot transpotting  pic1: The former flower pot was cut into two to take out the plant easily. pic2: the roots of Cycad(ソテツ)  were  protruded under the bottom of the flowerpot. How sturdy the plant is!! Pic3: The entrance flowerbed: Marigold, Salvia, petunia *日々草 vinca plant
2016-05-22 14.35.01 2016-05-22 14.35.27 2016-05-22 14.56.31

Izu Garden in April [ 編集 ]

Izu Garden  in April Before going to Izu, I cleaned the entrance of my house, because cherry blossom petals were scattered. I left my house at 6:30 am and arrived at 9:00 am. On the way, I took a rest and breakfast at  Seisho parking where I usually view the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  When I arrived at Izu garden, I confirmed the work that  I asked to my home gardener to trim  the tall trees of  Japanese cypress(檜), momi fir(樅), fragrant olive (金木犀) ,boxwood (ツゲ), kobus-magnoria  (コブシ)and cameria.  I also asked the gardener  to transplant  a fir to another place, to  cut down dead sakura tree,  Japanese beech tree (ブナ)and oak tree (楢). After that, I planted flowering plants such as snapdragon (金魚草),verbena,bluebeard (段菊),rinaria , and ajuga.  Then I pulled some weeds in the lawn area. I left Izu at 2 pm and arrived at home in Yokohama at 4 pm. When I came back home, my thigh felt pain because of the gardening I did. And I seems to have a Hey fever again because I started to have runny nose and sneeze due to cypress pollen .
2016-04-08 05.52.32 - コピー 2016-04-09 09.05.09 2016-04-09 10.18.03 - コピー 2016-04-09 14.10.19 - コピー
2016-04-09 13.52.10 - コピー 2016-04-09 13.53.16 - コピー 2016-04-09 13.51.08 2016-04-09 13.02.49 - コピー
2016-04-09 13.01.03 2016-04-09 10.42.20 2016-04-09 13.51.19

Gardening in Izu started on May 20th [ 編集 ]

This year’s Gardening in Izu started on May 20th. I liked to go there on May 19th, but I gave up  because of the bad whether. The weather forecast said that last Sunday, May 20th, would be fine, so I decided to go from that day. But actually it was rainy  almost all day. I’ve never seen that the forecast was completely different.  During the time when the rain stopped, I made this year’s flower bed. First I set bricks to make a border to separate from the lawn area. I already bought some flowers to plant such as moss phlox, Mary Gold and Lupine. By the way, the hardest work of making flowerbed was to remove the natural azalea which was replanted three years ago as a border from the neighbor’s lot. It took about one hour because the root was so deep to dig .  I couldn’t remove the root completely, but I could remove the root to some degree by the chain saw and electric sawing machine. I hope the flowers would grow up smoothly and cover the ground beautifully.
2016-03-20 15.28.51 2016-03-21 08.51.08 2016-03-21 10.00.06
 2016-03-21 09.59.07  2016-03-21 11.46.22 2016-03-21 09.01.11

Spring flowers are Already in Full Bloom  [ 編集 ]

Spring flowers are already in full bloom in my neighborhood.  2016.3.12 When I visited to my Izu villa in the early May, the garden looked as if it is still  in winter because the lawn grass was yellow. But today I realized that the spring  already  came in my town Yokohama. When I was taking a  walk , I found many colorful beautiful  trees.  I hope that the Izu garden would also show sign of spring soon. pic-1 ~pic-3  Izu garden in early May pic-4 ~pic-8 beautiful flowers in my neighborhood,Yokohama in May 12th
2016-02-29 14.50.02 2016-02-29 14.50.30 2016-02-29 14.51.01  2016-03-12 15.00.57
2016-03-12 14.43.26 2016-03-12 15.01.59 2016-03-12 15.02.49 2016-03-12 15.03.23
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