adventure of my life (Hajime Hirayama:平山新)

2015 1Q

Early Spring in Bousou   3.24

I took two paid holidays and went to Minami-Bousou - located 100 km South-east from Tokyo and Yokohama. Minami-Bousou is in the southern portion of Chiba Prefecture, near the southern tip of the Bousou Peninsula. It is surrounded by water on three sides facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and south, and the entrance to Tokyo Bay on the west. This place is famous with early spring beautiful flowers such as poppy, rape flower, and snapdragon. Driving along the sea coast was also attractive.

The first day- March 23

9:00   departure  my home 10:30  Mitui outlet mall in  kisarazu, Chiba pref. -shopping  and lunch 13:30  depature at Mitui outlet mall 14:25  arrival at Gake-Kannon, Tateyama city --- Unfortunately it was under construction. 15:30  Tateyama Family Park -poppy,rape flower, and snapdragon were beautiful 16:40  Tosurabu Tateyama Hotel - elegant Japanese meal,  grand ocean view ,  spacious guest room - estetique ( beauty treatment) for my wife - onsen (hot spring)

The second day - March 24

7:30   breakfast 9:00   left the hotel 9:10   Suzaki Todai - Lighthouse -Mt. Fuji and Izu islands could be seen from this point 9:30   Aloha Garden Tateyama -  Zoo and Botanical Garden 11:30  left this garden 13:10  arrived  at my home. Total distance traveled was about 250 km.  
2015-03-23 15.48.59 2015-03-24 10.04.38

Meeting with OB association members

The OB association was held at a Ginza beer hall on March 7. The association consists of about 50 co-workers who worked at the Ginza office of Taisei corporation until the office was  transfered to Shinjyuku in 1981. This party is organized by four organizers and is held  every March .  This time, 28 members participated and 6 of them are females. The oldest participant was 81 years old and the youngest was 60. Mr. Nagashima was the Master of Ceremony and hosted the party the entire evening. Each participant was called on the stage and was asked to talk about his/her present conditions such as health, families, and hobbies. Despite his good emceeing,  few people listened to  each member’s speech because most people were engrossed in talking with other people around them.  The program was disorderly, but we enjoyed the party while talking, drinking and eating and building intimacy. As a matter of fact, I had a chance to talk with many elder members including  two seniors whom I just met and learned a lot from. The party was very significant .
2015-03-07 11.46.05 IMG_2663

A House Warming  Party

Mr. Yamamoto, one of my friends from university days invited me and my wife to his new house. His house was built last year in Shin-Yrigaoka, Kawasaki city.  Three other friends and their wives were also invited to his house. The house was designed by his wife who had studied art at a university while doing her house work. Many wonderful ideas are incorporated in their house such as kitchen drawers made of reused paulownia chest, a low table with built-in a charcoal brazier.  Japanese design and western design are integrated. The arrangement of the rooms is also comfortable.  His study was so nice  that Mt. Fuji can be seen from there. Actually, my wife and I were anxious about this get together party because this was our first time to participate in such a party. But Mr. Yamamoto and his wife and daughter entertained with elaborate meal and homey atmosphere. Other friends and their wives were also frank and friendly, so my wife and I enjoyed a lot and it became a memorable day. By the way, Shin-Yurigaoka is a nice town because the town was created by the  town development plan alone with the Kawasaki-station area,  the Musashikosugi area and the Mizonokuti area.  This area is designated as  “The town of art” and many art and music related schools and facilities have been built here. 1200px-Kawasaki_ART_CenterKawasaki Art Center   iShinyuria promenade near the station (these two pics are from the internet)

Plum and Cherry Blossom Festivals     2.15

My wife and I went to see  some plum and cherry blossom festivals in Izu from Feb. 12 to 13.  At first, We visited at Kawazu town which is famous for early cherry blossoms.  Although the Kawazu cherry festival started,  we managed to see few blossoms. Most of the cherry trees were still in buds.  Instead pf the cherry blossoms,  we called at   the hot spring fountain park and  the Bagatelle Park- a French style garden park. We stayed at Ito Hervest Hotel and enjoyed sea foods and hot spring.
P1020201 P1020183
P1020194 P1020209
Next morning, We walked around Ito city and visited some sight-seeing spots such as  Toukai-kan Japanese inn which is now preserved as a historical culture monument and Nagisa sea park.  The sea was clean and calm. From this spot, we could see Hatusima and Oosima island  clearly.   We left Ito city at 11 a.m. and arrived Atami city at noon. The city roads are so  crowded  and it was difficult to park the car near the Atami plum park. So, I parked my car at the parking lot which is located 20 minutes on foot to the park. However, this  parking place was in the area of Itokawa district cherry blossom festival.  We could see the plum blossom in the Atami plum park for one hour and after that we also enjoyed the cherry blossoms by chance.  
P1020218 P1020247
P1020281 P1020289

 A Pampering Business Trip  2015.2.7

In 1989, I went to Anaheim, California to participate the convention which was organized by Software A.G company. The company was very famous as a database system called ADABAS and the related soft wares. The trip had the meaning of the reward of our company's purchasing of the database products. So the trip was perfect. The flight was used business class both going and returning. I I stayed alone in the Twin Room at the Hilton & Towers hotel. About 3,000 users and members of Software A.G throughout the world participated in the convention. Many seminars and parties were held in the hotel during 4 days convention. One of the parties was held Disney Land which was only for the exclusive use of the 3000 participants. All amusement rides and food and drinks were free. During the time, a sweet room also could be used as a rest room for about 20 Japanese participants. Many cakes, cookies, fruits and beverages were served for free. Tennis and golf also could be played. At first, the Golf was planned at Pebble Beach Golf Links in San Francisco which is famous as the course of U.S open. But the course was damaged by the strong earth quake hit the San Francisco before a few weeks of our trip. Instead of this golf, the Japan's agency of software A.G took us Vancouver, Canada and enjoyed sightseeing and cruising as a farewell party. This was pinnacle of my trip and I will never have such a luxurious trip forever. By the way, at that time of 1985, the database system were mainly used in the mainframe computer and today's popular database like Oracle was not so popular. About five years later, our company started to use Oracle. At that time, I met the CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison at Hotel Okura , Japan as a courtesy and took a picture with him. He is now one of the top 10 billionaires in the world.
ダウンロード (1) 2015-02-07 17.11.13
2015-02-07 17.12.33 2015-02-07 17.25.26
ORACLE In 1989, I met Oracle's CEO,Larry Ellison after 4 years  of the trip. This was the time of change form Mainframe System Era to Open System Era. Since then, the Oracle's database has been the most popular  in the world.

Wearable Expo 2015  Dates: 2015.1.14(Wed) - 16(Fri)     Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

Latest Devices/Technologies  such as Smart Glasses/ Smart Watches, Long life Batteries, and Textile  Conductive Materials for noise reduction and  electronic poles for the complex Micro Sensors are exhibited  at the Tokyo Big Site. I attended the following four seminars during the Expo: 1." Towards the Coming Wearable Era: Approaches to Fujitsu's Wearable Technology" by Fujitsu President and Representative Director Hideyuki Saso Summary: Shifting from Internet and Cloud era to IoT(Internet of Things) era =50 billion devices and sensors to be connected with the Internet by 2020. Smart Phones today with a  Speed of 167 Gflops is equivalent to Super Computers twenty years ago. Network speed is changing from Giga bit to Tera bit. The computer will be able to be operated  hands and monitor free in the future  by using intelligent glove, voice recognition, body language and eye movement for medical and industrial purposes. 2.Sony's Wearable Strategy by Tomokazu Tajima Senior Vice President, UX Creative Design & Planning, Sony Mobile Communications Inc. Summary: Cooperation among all segments of the society is required  for the development of various gadgets including the field of entertainment The Smart phone is not only an ordinary communication tool,  it is already a necessity. Smart ware is allowing users to experience a "Look Up" way. Forecast the market with the new generation, gender roles, urbanization and demands from Asia and Africa. 3."Can Wearable Technology Unlock The True Potential Of The Internet "   by Dan Eisenhardt  FOUNDER & CEO, Recon Instruments Inc. Summary: The internet means Big Data. Internet + IOT = Explosion of Data. Presently,  we are generating  2.3 trillion Gb  everyday and by the year 2020  it will increase by more or less twenty times or 40 trillion Gb per  day. Key challenges : Development of superior battery life, designs, weight, durability , modularity,   interface, privacy protection and standardization with  multiple variations and  lower cost. Potential markets are sports, manufacturing, and leisure industries as well as individual consumers. 4."Epson's Wearable Products Business"  by Yoshiyuki Moriyama Chief Operating Officer / Sensing System Operations Div.,Executive Officer,Seiko Epson Corp. Summary: Epson started wearable products in 1969 Quartz Watch,1982 TV Watch and 1984 Wrist Computer. Created better lifestyles of  original, high-precision wearables composed of ultra-high precision sensing technology and micro display technology with AR(augmented reality). Produced Watch-Type Pulse Monitors with light sensors accurately measuring Blood Flow and Heart rate. Manufactured MOVERIO BT-200 also known as the next generation smart glasses Overall, I felt that the presentations were abstract because their data lacked  specific products and information. Related keyword  AR(仮想現実:augmented reality ) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. big site

Angina pectoris   2015.1.30

It might be a circulatory system problem A incident happened when I got on the train in a hurry in the morning in late December. Suddenly, I felt difficulty to breath and felt strongly sick. A cold sweat flowed. In a few minutes, my health condition recovered. I thought it's a temporary bad condition and did't care about it. however, the same situation happened again . It was the day of my first business work of the year, January 5. So I saw a doctor at a nearby general hospital in January 8. The doctor said it might be angina pectoris- a heart disease. To probe the disease possibility, I took several test, such as brood test, electrocardiogram, urine test, taking a X-ray of my heart. The ultrasound scan test of my heart will be performed January 16 and the doctor's judgement of my symptom will be held Jan, 21. I hope my symptom would not be serious disease and recover by medicine or healthy daily life activities. I checked the angina pectoris(アンジャイナ:狭心症) through the internet. What is angina pectoris? Heart muscle falls into lack of oxygen by blocking the bloodstream of the coronary arteries which are nourishment blood vessels of the heart. In many cases, it is caused by the fact that there is narrowing of the coronary arteries because  the said arteries harden,  affecting the bloodstream flow. Symptom There is a feeling of pressure on  the central part of the chest that  happens at times when one is being awfully excited, like when running fast and climbing stairs and slopes .This symptom will disappear after resting a little. What does a cure for angina include? It is still impossible at present to cure arteriosclerosis(hardening of the arteries).Therefore it becomes the main premise of the treatment to make efforts so that the hardening of the arteries will no longer worsen in the future. So, high blood pressure, excessive fat in blood, diabetes must be treated, and it is also important to reduce "risk factors" such as smoking and gaining weight.  If the situation got worse, Balloon catheter operation is available. The operation uses a thin tube which is inserted from the crotch(the root of foot) and this expands the narrow arteries like a balloon sending air. Related key word 狭心症 angina pectoris   発音:angína péc・to・ris 虚血性心疾患ischaemic heart disease 循環器疾患 Cardiovascular Disease 心疾患 Heart Disease 心筋虚血 Myocardial Ischemia 急性冠症候群 Acute Coronary Syndrome 狭心症 Angina Pectoris + 冠疾患 Coronary Disease + 心筋梗塞 Myocardial Infarction + 心筋再灌流傷害 Myocardial Reperfusion Injury 心筋気絶 Myocardial Stunning 循環器疾患 Cardiovascular Disease 血管病 Vascular Disease 心筋虚血 Myocardial Ischemia 急性冠症候群 Acute Coronary Syndrome 狭心症 Angina Pectoris + 冠疾患 Coronary Disease + 心筋梗塞 Myocardial Infarction + 心筋再灌流傷害 Myocardial Reperfusion Injury 心筋気絶 Myocardial Stunning The picture is Ida general hospital .   The hospital is located near my house and now has been  renovated. 2012-06-29 09.14.18

 Shimekazari(注連飾り)   2015.1.1

“Shimekazari(注連飾り)” is a New Year's decoration  - a twisted straw rope with fern(シダ) leaves, an orange and other items of good omen. It is generally hung on doors during the New Year holidays and served as a charm against evil spirits.
A twisted straw rope is called “Shimenawa(注連縄)” which is used in the Shinto religion. It is often found in front of shrines or other sacred locations.
Originally New Year’s day is the day when New Year’s god visit houses and give us the power of living and happiness. So we prepare to welcome God decorating Shimekazari on the entrance door. 2015-01-01 08.11.15
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