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2014 garden

Moles Came Back Again     2014.9.12

I took a paid holiday and went to Izu villa.  There were three appointments  on Sep. 12. One is with  an ADSL router's supplier. Another is with a furniture supplier . And Another is with disposal service workers in order to dispose  an old piano which my mother used .  When I arrived at the villa, I was shocked to see a mound of mole again. Last year I had been troubled with some mole mounds.  But moles disappeared  after a while.  Now it seems the moles came back again. Enlarge the pic-1 and see the mound in the top right corner.  Autumn leaves from a magnolia  tree scattered on the lawn -- see pic-6 . Even though autumn is coming,  I found some little flowers blooming  out of season - from pic-2 to pic-5.  
2014-09-12 08.29.40  2014-09-12 11.42.04
 2014-09-12 08.29.21  2014-09-12 08.30.10
 2014-09-12 08.30.30  2014-09-12 08.29.08

Moss Phlox(Pink)         2014.8.31

I bought 18 seedling pots of moss phlox( 8:pink, 6:white-blue, 4:white) at a flower shop  named Tooyama-Green through Amazon last week. Today  I planted these pots at the edge of wall stones of the front garden by the parking lot. I'm expecting the moss phlox will grow up and make  beautiful flower bloom in next spring.
2014-08-31 11.22.43  2014-08-31 11.21.40
2014-08-31 12.30.36 2014-08-31 12.30.49 HDR

Weeding of Entrance Side      2014.8.17

 2014-08-17 11.58.50  2014-08-17 17.47.15 HDR
 2014-08-17 17.46.39 HDR  2014-08-17 11.55.40
The rocks of the entrance were washed by a high pressure cleaner which  removed moss. It was sunny and hot day,  but this work was cool due to the use of water,  although some mud splattered  on me.  Then I cut the weeds using the electric lawn mower and bush cutter   instead of the heavy  engine type one( as shown on pic 4). Because the area was very small for using engine type lawn mower.  During the work , I was bitten by a horse fly and next morning  the skin became red , swelled and  itchy.

Auto sprinkler was installed          2014.8.12

2014-08-11 16.16.05 2014-08-12 13.48.41
2014-08-12 13.50.07 HDR 2014-08-12 13.49.44 HDR
I purchased an auto sprinkler equipment through the internet shopping( Before setting, I bought a wooden pole and painted  wood preservative, then fix the equipment as shown on the top (pic 2 ). Then  I set the present time and the sprinkle time before using. The sprinkle time can be programmed the interval of the date,  start times , and the length of watering. Because I was very concerned about the water leakage , I checked the packing and tested it carefully.

Panorama View  from  2nd Floor of  Izu Villa  2014.8.11

2014-08-11 15.06.57
This pic was taken by I-Phone using Panorama function. The near right side is my Izu garden. In the background, you can see some Izu maintain ranges. Please click the pic to enlarge. If you further click pointing the mountains, you can see it more precisely.

Brown Spots  are  gradually disappearing   2014.8.11

2014-08-11 14.45.57
I was relieved to see the turf after two weeks interval. The brown turf are gradually changing to green. I suppose it was caused by lack of water and the turf became weak. However, we have much rains these days and the turf seems to have been recovered naturally.

Brown Spot in Turf       2014.7.27

2014-07-27 10.51.27  2014-07-27 10.27.07
 2014-07-27 10.13.57  2014-07-27 10.27.24
Worried about the brown spot of the turf in Izu, I went to Izu for two days and one night. As soon as I arrived there, I met Mr. Iwano, a gardener of the area, and asked him about the spot. He examined the turf and said that the spot was made by a turf's disease, called "dallor spot."  I checked the disease from the internet and I learned that the disease is tend to be occurred by hot temperature and dry soil.  Preventing the shortage of water, I'm planning to set auto sprinkler this summer. Before buying the programmed auto water supply device , the sprinkler-alone test was conducted (pic 3) and checked the sprinkling water distance and the  rotating function. The next time , Auto water supply device will be installed.


Shock!!  Garden was Messy by Weeds.    2014.7.20

I went to my Izu villa after a month interval and had great shock.  The weeds were growing straight and fast during this rainy season in June. I was worried about the garden's situation and the bad situation that happened, as expected, proved me right. In addition, the flowers of the chestnut tree were scattered in large quantities. It took about five hours for cleaning . The only good thing was that the temperature was low during this day of July. After I finished the cleaning, I got another shock.  There were many brown spots in the turf. I don’t know whether it is caused by shortage of water or by disease.
2014-07-20 08.47.04  2014-07-20 09.09.24
 2014-07-20 12.45.27

Gardening Flowers  in This Summer        2014.7.13

In this summer, Pentas(ペンタス) and Baby's  breath(カスミ草)were planted  in front of my house.   This is the first time to plant these flowers . In an ordinary year , Periwinkle(ニチニチ草)、Inpatiens, Petunia(ペチュニア)、Begonia and Marygold are usually planted every year alternately . 2014-07-13 15.41.36

This Year's  First Turf Cut                       2014.6.21

The first turf cut of this year was  performed after the inspection of the engine type  lawn mower. This inspection took  more time than I expected because it's the first time  to use after 8 months.  About 210 litter of turf was cut( No4 pic. below). I made the same mistake again like last year . Some area of the cutting  was uneven due to mistakenly set the  cutting level .
2014-06-21 11.55.32 2014-06-21 11.55.16 HDR
2014-06-21 11.56.41 2014-06-21 11.53.53

Hydrangea is Full Broom         2014.6.8

Rainy season started and it will last until mid July. This rainy season also means Hydrangea season. Blue, purple and white mixed hydrangea(left pic.),   white hydrangea (right pic.)in my Yokohama garden are in full broom. In June, Hydrangea blooms are best time to see. Many people visit  and see at famous beautiful Hydrangea blooms spots such as Hase Temple in Kamakura.
2014-06-08 13.59.21 2014-06-08 13.37.09

 Green Season Started     2014.5.25

The turf color is getting green from brown and the trees are also starting to have new green leaves. These greens make me comfortable, ease my eyes. I’m lucky this year, because no mole mound appears in my turf garden. Last year, I fought against the mole mounds which destroyed beautiful green turf. However I have a new trouble now. Several types of weeds are growing among the turf.  One of  the nuisance weeds is clover. An  English tutor taught me how to remove this clover. The way is to cover the clover including turf by dark plastic bag but the turf can survive in this condition.  Today, I set the bag  in  a corner area as a trial  and the result will be seen after two weeks.
 2014-05-25 10.06.27 HDR  2014-05-25 10.07.06
 2014-05-25 12.56.15  2014-05-25 12.56.02
 The Azaleas are in Full Bloom    2014.5.5
2014-05-03 15.09.51. 2014-05-04 06.46.33
2014-05-04 07.56.28 HDR 2014-05-04 07.56.01
 2014-05-03 15.59.50  2014-05-05 10.55.56

Maintaining backyard 2            2014.4.28

 2014-04-25 15.13.21  2014-04-28 12.24.05
 2014-04-27 07.38.22 HDR  2014-04-28 12.24.40
 2014-04-28 12.24.28  2014-04-28 12.24.56
pic-1: This is the backyard of my villa. Once wild trees and weeds were rampant in the area. In order to use this place effectively, those trees and weeds were removed and the ground were raised and leveled off by timbering. A shed was built for restoring gardening tools such as engine-type lawn mower. the pic is on the way of removing roots of  weeds. pic-2:The backyard ground is  almost on its completion image. you can see black soil area between the shed and turfs. The place is flower bed area and in future, the curb stones will be placed . pic-3: The road side area. Many azalea tress are planted. However, in this season, a few azalea's flower are in full bloom. Most of them may soon be  in full broom and the area will turn red and white beautifully. pic-4: the flower bed in this garden area faced with south. The flower bed is being  protected by the paved stones from the turf. pic-5,6: Tulips are now in full bloom.

Maintaining backyard           2014.4.12

I am currently maintaining my backyard. It was once a bushy place. At first, some bushes were removed and then the area was changed into a flat space.Then a shed was built for storing gardening tools.I started to plant trees , flowers , turfs at three weeks ago. It is hard to plow the soil for planting.
2014-04-12 14.50.45 2014-04-13 07.48.08
2014-04-13 07.48.27

Shed in Izu villa     2014.3.1

2014-03-01 15.19.49 2014-03-01 09.02.09
I built  a shed in the backyard of the  Izu villa. The place was  a slope, so the place needed to be raised  the ground level by timbering. The level of the shed is a same level of the  lawn garden. so it's easy to move the lownmower.
2014-03-01 15.20.48
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