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2013 garden

Oct. 12 2013

2013-10-12 15.27.18 2013-10-13 07.39.20
I ordered an engine-type lawnmower on the Internet and it arrived yesterday. It came from MINATO Electric Co. in Kyusyu. Before starting to use the machine,I had trouble with transportation to Izu because it weighs 30 kg . I also had difficulty that the engine did not work at the beginning. It took few hours to find the cause of the trouble. After starting, I was able to cut the lawn efficiently. Compared to the electric lawnmower, the cutting length become twice and no need to caring about elecric code. This machine make me the lawn cutting fun. The red texts part  above was revised       2014.3.14 I had difficulty transporting the lawnmower to Izu because of its heavy weight. I had problems starting the machine. I was able to find the problem a few hours later.The lawnmower proved to be efficient. Now, I am having fun mowing my lawn. Engine lawnmower LMC-460Z engine type:KOHLER XT-6、placement:149cc、fuel size:1.1L、body-size:w520xL1470xH1010mm 、weight:30kg

Izu villa                   May. 2013

The lawn garden: I laid down turf in May,2013. Once this area was bushy.
2013-08-11 09.07.24 写真
2013-06-22 14.04.20 写真 (1)

The villa before 2013

Before planting turf in the villa in 2013, the area were desolate with wild trees and weeds. Please click gallery and confirm the situation. gallery The five pics from the beginning are the garden growing wild trees and weeds. Next 6th and 7th pic are the garden just planting turf. The 8th and 9th pic are the garden   few months later. Last three pics are road side of the villa. The first one is before 2013 and last 2 pics are the change ones by timbering and planting turf. This villa's garden change was performed under the next planning. The garden plan

My home garden in Yokohama

Some damaged turf were replaced  with new one in June,2013.
2013-05-11 08.12.13 2013-08-31 16.53.39
2013-05-11 08.12.44
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