Nov.24 -The first day:  bright and clear ,partly cloudy My wife and I joined a tour trip which was organized by Japan Railway Co. We left home at 5:30 a.m and arrived Kyoto at 8:00 a.m. During the first day, we  traveled using a chartered bus.  The number of participants of the   tour is 40 and  most of them are older or almost  same my age. The scheduled itinerary took time allowance, so we could visit two additional sightseeing spots. The following is  the actual itinerary .
  1. 西本願寺 Nishi-hongan-ji (world culture heritage) additional visit
  2. 源光寺 Gennkouinn temple
  3. 光悦寺 Enkou-ji temple
  4. しょうざん庭園 Shozan-garden
  5. 今宮神社 Imamiya Shrine  additional visit
  6. 詩仙堂 shisen-dou temple
  7. 圓光寺 ennkouji temple
  8. 醍醐寺 daigo-ji temple
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Nov. 25 -The second day  :rainy in the morning/ cloudy in the afternoon It was free day all day until 18:04 when the train for Yokohama left. I already planned the visiting places but changed the order to visit due to the morning rain. My plan was to walk and see  many sightseeing spots. In order to escape the rain, we sometimes used  trains and and taxis . So we could visit more places than my schedule. The following is the actual itinerary.
  1. 二条城 Nijo Castle
  2. 錦市場、先斗町 Nishiki-market and Pont-cho town: Entertainment district
  3. 八坂神社、祇園閣 Yasaka-shrine and Gion-tour
  4. 高台寺 Koudai-ji temple
  5. 清水寺 Kiyomizu temple
  6. 平安神宮 Heian shrine
  7. 南禅寺 Nanzen-ji temple
  8. 伏見稲荷 Fushimi-inari shrine
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