Yanaka(谷中) and Sendagi(千駄木) 2016.3.5 I walked around Yanaka and Sendagi area which are located about 6 km north from Tokyo station. Before walking , I participated in the annual meeting of OB co-workers who worked at the Ginza(銀座)office of Taisei Corporation. 23 people attended the meeting and the half of then were over 70 years old. But they looked younger than   their age.  On the way to meeting, I saw some construction sites in Ginza  such as Ginza 6 Chome Building and Ginza Tokyu Plaza. 1)谷中銀座 Yanaka shopping street The street is famous to keep retro atmosphere of Showa era. The stairs named "Yuuyake Dandan" in the entrance of the Yanaka shopping street is also famous  to see a beautiful sunset. Please click pic-2 to enlarge and you will see many people in the street which can be seen in the center of the picture. Maybe more than half of people seemed to be foreigners from Asia. 2)旧安田楠雄邸 former Kusuo Yasuda Residence in Sendagi I visited at the former Kusuo Yasuda Residence which is designated as a cultural asset by Tokyo metropolitan government. But I couldn't enter the house because the opening time was until 3 pm. 3)天王寺 Tennouji temple On the way back to the Nippori station, I  visited Tennouji temple  and worshiped at my grand father and grand mother's grave.  
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pic 1 : Ginza Tokyu Plaza  pic 2:Yuuyake Dandan pic 3:Yanaka shopping street pic 4:former Kusuo Yasuda Residence pic 5:Yanaka  sakura street pic 6: Tenouji temple   地名の由来 谷中   上野台と本郷台の谷間ということから 千駄木  千頭の馬で運べるぐらいの木々が生えている場所から