November 8

Departure time from my home in Yokohama: 9:30 am.
    Driving about 220 km. Having lunch and shopping at Nasu Outlet shopping center.
Arrival time at Nasu Tokyu Harvest Hotel : 4:30 pm. 

November 9

Departure time from Tokyu Havest hotel : 8:30 am.

Arrival time at Ooutijyuku(大内宿): 9:40 am.
Shimono Kaido road  connects  Aizu and Nikko . The houses of thatched roof  were lined up leading the travelers to the lodging station  during the Edo period.

Arrival time at Aizu Turuga Castle( 会津鶴ヶ城): 10:20 am.

About 630 years ago,the castle was established. In the Boshin War the castle endured a fierce battle raid that lasted for about a month.Although it was demolished in the Meiji Era , it was rebuilt in 1980,  The interior of the castle tower is a local museum and I could touch Aizu's history.

Arrival  time at Iimori-yama White Tiger troop's(白虎隊) tomb : 12:15 pm.

In the Boshin war, the White Tiger troops organized by boys aged 16 to 17 retreat from the battlefield of Tonokuti. When arriving at Iimori-yama, the castle tower at Tsuruga castle was seen  burning in the black smoke, and everyone was self-determined that "The castle fell and  now is the time to perform hara-kiri for the lord".  With Iida Sadakichi who survived only one in 20 people, the stories of loyalty and misery of the White Tiger boys  troop became widely known to people.

Arrival time at Bandai Gosiki-numa (五色沼):  1:45 pm

"Goshikinuma lake group" located in Bandai  mountain, is a beautiful swamp created by the eruption of Bandai. A colorful swamp dotted in the forest has a mysterious charm that attracts everyone. In the walking course, there are the Bishamon Swamp, Aka-numa,  Benten-numa, Ruri-numa, Ao-numa, Yanagi-numa and so on  with their characteristics. My wife and I took a walk for one and half hours.

Arrival time Noguti Hideyo Memorial hall : 4:10 pm

In 1876 (Meiji 9), Hideyo Noguchi was born in Inawashiro, Fukushima. He got a large burn on the left hand when he was one and a half years old. He received encouragement and assistance from his teachers, friends, family members and overcome his hardships. He realized the beauty of medicine by surgery on the left hand, and he aimed for medicine. Based in the Rockefeller Institute of Medicine, USA, he studied medicine actively in the world,He became  a candidate for the Nobel prize. In 1928 (the Showa 3), in Accra in West Africa (now the Republic of Ghana)  he was infected during yellow fever study and died at the age of 51.  The museum was closed at 4:00 pm so we could not enter the hall and saw  the house where he was born from outside of the museum.
Returning at Nasu havest hotel  at 5:45 pm.

November 10

Departure time  from the Nasu harvest Hotel : 9:30 am. 
Before leaving, we walked around the Hotel's garden for 20 minutes.  On the way back to home, we visited Nasu local food shopping center and had a lunch at Hasuda highway parking.
Arrival time  at my home : 1:30  pm.